AG-222 Virtual Field Trips (2021)

The students of the UNIS geology course AG-222 developed a row of virtual field trips that bring you closer to the geology of Svalbard, and closer to field sites that are further away from the vast of civilization in the world!

Welcome to join and enjoy!

The Cretaceous intrusions of Ekmanfjorden

Learn about geological evolution on Svalbard during this virtual field trip, and how the red color of the water in Ekmanfjorden has to do with its history.

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The local Carbon Cycle of Longyearbyen

Discover the potential for carbon capture and storage in Longyearbyen by joining this virtual field trip to three important locations on Svalbard.

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Exploring the biggest mass extinction in history on Svalbard

Join the trip through the time of mass extinction and find evidence for it that rocks!

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Coal and it`s history on Svalbard

Dig into the black gems of Svalbard – an up-to-date topic is picked up in this virtual field trip!

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