Festningen – a digital field guide (DigFest)

The DigFest project was funded by iEarth and will generate a digital version of the recently published field guide (Mørk & Grundvåg 2020) to the renowned Festningen locality in western Spitsbergen (Figure to right, April 2019). The ca. 7 km long Festningen section comprises a nearly complete stratigraphic record spanning approximately 300 million years of geological history. The locality is protected as a geotope, and is routinely visited by geologists from around the world.

DigFest will integrate the state-of-the-art geological knowledge of the Festningen profile from publications with a high-resolution digital outcrop model acquired by the Svalbox team in September 2020 to generate a web-based digital field guide to the Festningen locality.

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