Educational material

Svalbox started as an educational resource for internal use at UNIS, and is still regularly used in courses at UNIS. However, like with the digital outcrop models themselves and the best practice workflows we also strive to openly share teaching resources to facilitate the inclusion of Svalabrd’s outcrops in teaching elsewhere. 

A good starting point is the online introduction module on using Svalbox, available at:

Another example is the thematic data package on the West Spitsbergen Fold and Thrust Belt with rich documentation and pre-loaded GIS and Petrel projects associated with the article:

Horota, R.K., Senger, K., Rodes, N., Betlem, P., Smyrak-Sikora, A., Jonassen, M.O., Kramer, D., and Braathen, A., 2023, West Spitsbergen fold and thrust belt: A digital educational data package for teaching structural geology: Journal of Structural Geology, v. 167, p. 104781,

The VRSvalbard platform has course-specific virtual field trips, accessible via 

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