Svalbox 2019 acquisition campaign a success!

In August we left Longyearbyen onboard the research sailboat R/V Clione and spent a week collecting boat-, drone- and ground-based photographs to construct virtual outcrop models for sharing on the Svalbox website. We have spent the entire week in remote and hard-to-access places of Isfjorden, and will now be adding the virtual outcrop models from this (and other) field campaigns onto Svalbox – stay tuned for more!

In addition to collecting photographs for Svalbox we also sampled Early Cretaceous dolerites and their contact aureoles for improved geochronological, geochemical and geometrical work. Thanks to the Svalbox 2019 acquisition team for a great and productive week – Lilith Kuckero (UNIS), Olivier Galland (UiO/PGP), Ole Rabbel (UiO/PGP), Kim Senger (UNIS) and the Clione skipper Jan Pechar (University of South Bohemia).

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